Mobile communicate!

November 16, 2010

M4D conference ended on Thursday with great discussions on e-governance and corruption. Johan Hellström published an interesting study on corruption and democrazy and singing Swede Torbörn Fredriksson presented conclusions from UNCTAD Information Economy Report on ICTs, enterprises and poverty alleviation. I had inspiring discussions with Johan during the conference week, and we will continue our journey on making M4D world known concept among young mobile developers, researchers and NGO workers as well as private sector and public sector oriented young minds. Johan’s other report on the innovative use of mobile applications in Eastern Africa is also great reading!

Johan Hellström

Other interesting discussion I had was with Jonathan Donner in conference dinner table. He gave me valuable feedback on my research and strenghenth my passion on hermeneutics as philosophy of science. To say, we cannot understand what “football” means if we don’t know who playes it, where and what time. Concept of football is very different in U.S., U.K and Australia even these countries share same cultural history. For Ken Banks managing football teams meant open innovation model on breakfast table 🙂

Panel discussion on M4D conference

Donner challenged me on discussion on individualism and identities. Were we Finns first to adopt mobile phones as they supportted the individualist behaviour? With mobile devices in our hands we become master of our lifes anytime and anywhere, or notime and nowhere. Finns living in post-industrialized society were already used to individualism when mobile phones arrived. What about rural communities in Africa where collectivist mindset is still favoured?

Quatro SIM

Collectivism may have many social implications. Many argue that dual SIM popularity is based on behavioural economic decision making caused by expensive cross operator calls. Donner argued that we also need to consider social aspect of multible SIMs. People might want to have multible indentities, like we carry personal phone and work phone in Finland, or have Facebook profiles and Linkedin profiles. Later, Jonathan send me mail on reading list on philosophy of mobile studies. I already had honnor to meet Kristo Nyiri in Hungary while I was working there for Nokia and have his books in my bookshelf and Donner adviced me to continue my readings on James Katz.


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