Tatu Lyytinen

The purpose of this blog is to focus on science and technology (S&T) dimensions of innovation and reflect these dimensions impact on larger scale social, economic and environment development of emerging economies. Clearly there are other important dimensions impacting to develpment such as macro economic policies, foreign trade, social cohesion and environmental policies, but I’am looking these developments through S&T lenses.

I am working as research scientist in Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) focusing on innovation and knowledge economy, internationalization of innovation ecosystem and strategy in practice. Education, science, technological research, business and entrepreneurship are my main interest. I am currently studying EIT ICT Labs integration to Finnish innovation system. In addition, I am working with innovation management cooperation with research institutes in Chile and building networks for innovation professionals in Brazil and other emerging economies.

I am a PhD candidate in newly formed interdisciplinary Aalto University in Finland combining design, business and technology research. Coming from land of Nokia, my research interest concerns internationalization of Finnish education, R&D and business system mainly on emerging BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries. Focus of my research is on socio-technical systems theories, innovation management theories, internationalization and strategy in practice.

I have previous working experience from foreign trade and foreign politics in Latin America (Argentina and Brazil) and from ICT industry in Nokia (Hungary). I speak fluent Finnish, English, Spanish and Portuguese and I am learning Chinese. You can reach me from ttlyytinen –at– hotmail — com, follow me in twitter @tatinho and find more information on my professional background from Linkedin tatulyytinen. The views and arguments are my own and does not represent the organization I employed in.

My motto is:  “Think like an economist, act like a humanist”

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